Picture this: a scorching North Carolina summer day, a vineyard perched on a mountain, and a couple ready to tie the knot.  I had a front-row seat (well, more like a sidekick seat) as a second shooter at this epic Vineyard at Betty’s Creek wedding. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of rustic vibes and heartfelt moments!

This wasn’t just any old wedding venue. We’re talking about a vineyard literally chilling on a mountain! The views were so gorgeous that even the sun decided to stick around a bit longer, painting the whole scene with shades of gold. And the theme of the day? Rustic elegance. The barns, the bride’s satin dress and the gorgeous color palette of pinks and greens. Think soft pastels giving the nod to nature.

The candid moments are where the real magic happens. From the bride and the groom bursting into laughter while unwrapping their presents to each other, to the groom and groomsmen sharing an emotional time before the ceremony; my camera was on turbo mode, catching all those spectacular instances that add to the couple’s story.

Time for the ceremony! The bride, looking like a queen in her silky gown strutted down the grassy aisle. And the groom? Let’s just say his teary-eyed expression was something out of a movie. Especially, after the couple walked down the aisle together after they were married!

Guess what’s next? The post-ceremony shindig! Guests clinked glasses filled with local beer and wine (because vineyard vibes!) and nibbled on farm-to-table goodies that probably had even the foodies swooning. Toasts were made, tears were shed (happy ones, of course), and love was in the air – alongside the aroma of seriously good food.

Nightfall, stars above, and fairy lights all around – the dance floor was like something out of a rom-com. The couple’s first dance? So cute. Friends and fam? They rocked the dance floor like there was no tomorrow!

This wasn’t just a wedding; it was a love extravaganza at a North Carolina mountain vineyard. From nature’s drama to the candid clicks, from heartfelt vows to epic dance moves – this day had it all. I might have been the second shooter, but trust me, my camera and I were right there in the heart of the action. I loved being a second shooter for this gorgeous wedding at one of the most scenic venues in western North Carolina. And I can’t wait to hopefully shoot another wedding there someday!!

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