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Asheville Wedding and Destination Photographer

Dawn E. Roscoe


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I am Dawn Roscoe! And I am so happy you found my website.

You might be in the early stages of planning your wedding or maybe just looking at Asheville wedding photographers for an engagement or family session. I’m sure you are finding a whole slew of choices and maybe, are a bit overwhelmed with all the different options. So, I want to make this easy and let you know what makes me different from everyone else out there. Basically, it’s my unique photo style, professional experience, and close client relationships.

First up is my style. It’s is a combination of my art education and my love for photojournalism. Capturing moments is what I do best! Spontaneous, in-between, and authentic moments that happen during our time together. Then, photographing with natural and special lighting, or beautiful locations to add that artistic element in the mix. My experience includes photographing over 450 weddings, and countless engagements, elopements and family sessions. Which means, you can expect me to be there when you need me to be there. Along with capturing every wonderful moment that unfolds during our time together. You can rely on my years of experience to help you with your timeline, photo details, and emotional support.

Most importantly, my client relationships are incredibly important to me! When you book me, we stay in touch throughout your entire wedding planning or family preparation process. Being an Asheville wedding photographer, we collaborate together on your schedule, locations, and important pictures so our time together is stress-free and easy. I send you planning emails and offer support whenever you need it to get us ready for your big day. Also, I work with you closely so we can create some amazing memories that communicate the essence of who you are.

Background and Style

My fascination with photography began at a very early age with an old Polaroid my grandfather bought me.  A camera has been by my side ever since.  Photography was always part of my life, but never my life’s work. After a long career in business and advertising, I decided to change my life course-drastically. So, I quit my advertising job and embarked on an art degree at the Art Institute of Chicago. Afterwards,  I worked at several commercial food and catalog studios around the city, but yearned to photograph outdoors and experience people more. A close friend asked me to second shoot for a wedding he was photographing, and after that, I was hooked! Changing light, beautiful moments and telling stories all became part of my work, and it was something I never experienced before. Now, I feel pretty lucky documenting one of the most important times in your life and becoming your storyteller.


Awards & Affliations

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