Kind words from great clients

Dawn’s photos brought our day TO LIFE!

“I truly cannot put into enough nice words my husband and my experience with Dawn. Not only did we have the most “us” engagement photo session bouncing around Asheville’s beer scene, with our pup and beautiful natural art, but she truly was a comfort on my wedding day. Whenever I had a questions or concerns leading up to the date- she was there. She would meet at any time to make sure we were always on the same page. On my wedding day, surprise, surprise, Rainy weather! But that didn’t shake Dawn or the beyond breathtaking photos she captured of our wedding party, my husband and I and our families. The whole day she comforted me even with the complete change in our day due to the weather. She was beyond wonderful through my tears and makeup basically completely coming off from the weather. This is why I said her photography (both how she takes pictures and how they come out) made her feel like family! I will 100% recommend her if you want a photographer who captures moments, not poses, who makes you feel yourself behind the lens even when it’s not where you feel the most confident and if you’re looking to connect with a person you want to take your future family photos and events that are monumental to your life with. We didn’t have a videographer but Dawn’s photos brought our day TO LIFE! I am beyond grateful to have met her hope to work with her again.”

Nanne Remington

Review on 5/21/2023

Great experience working with Dawn!

Dawn is everything you want in a photographer. She’s extremely easy and pleasant to communicate with, and we were super confident in our plan with her as we approached our wedding day. One of the highlights of our day was the hour we spent just with Dawn, walking around the venue grounds and taking photos. We are thrilled with how our pictures came out. She was totally unobtrusive and made us feel so comfortable throughout the experience. We have been recommending her to all our friends, so if you’re considering booking her, don’t hesitate!

Sam B.

Review on 12/5/2023

Very Thankful

I couldn’t be more thankful for finding Dawn. She helped me pull together a surprise engagement at the Asheville Botanical Gardens and it couldn’t have went better! Dawn was very easy to plan everything with. She had a ton of great recommendations and was flexible with everything that I envisioned. Most importantly, was able to recommended a great spot for my proposal and captured some great pics that my fiancée loves.

Erik F.

Review on 12/29/2022

Dream Wedding Photographer!

Dawn came highly recommended by a co-worker of mine and after seeing her work I knew we had to meet with her. We had met with one other photographer before meeting Dawn and still had two others lined up to explore. After our first encounter with, my husband and I knew immediately that we wanted her to photograph the most important day of our lives. In fact, walking from her studio to our car we had our minds made up and cancelled our meetings with the other two photographers.

Dawn has a natural way of making you feel at ease and comfortable which was so helpful during the chaos of everything else surrounding the planning of our big day. She had photographed many weddings at our venue and even though my husband and I were getting married in the city, we were clueless about any whereabouts to get the photos we dreamed of. Because of Dawn’s experience and amazing talent, we were confident in putting all our trust in her hands and letting her lead the way, and she did not disappoint!

While we were her clients, she treated us as if we were close friends and family. She shared so many helpful tips and information that I was able to use for my wedding planning and continued to help me avoid any stress, even for things not related to our photos.

Her communication and planning made everything so simple and kept me so calm and excited! She listened to everything we had shared and was able to capture and honor our day beautifully. Dawn and Sonce were like ninjas throughout the whole day making sure they did not miss any moments.

Words cannot even describe the joy and excitement we felt when we received our photos. My husband, our family, friends, and guests just loved working with Dawn and Sonce. They provided us with such wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! We are so grateful to have worked with Dawn and would highly recommend Dawn Roscoe Photography.


Review on 3/21/2021

Captured Amazing Moments

We worked with Dawn for engagement photos and our wedding day and she (and her assistant for the wedding) were absolutely incredible to work with and captured some really amazing moments! I definitely recommend doing an engagement photoshoot if you’re a little nervous in front of the camera, like we were. It was helpful to get to know what kind of pictures turn out really well an if there are types of photos you and your partner are really interested in. Dawn gave great direction and still let us have some silly, ‘unscripted’ moments to show off our personalities and was able to get us beautiful ‘teaser’ photos within a few days of the wedding to get us excited to see them rest in a few months (8-10 weeks). Overall, very professional and excellent at guiding us through the planning and capturing special moments on our wedding day!

Stephanie H

Married on October 10, 2019

She is incredibly creative

I worked with Dawn for my wedding in August of 2014. She was the first (and only!) photographer I met with, and one of the first vendors I booked after getting in engaged. Not only were Dawn’s photos beautiful (which was the main reason I wanted to meet with her), but her warm personality and passion for photography was very evident when I met with her.

Many people told me, “you have to really love your photographer, because they are with you ALL day and truly dictate the flow of the day”. This is incredibly true – and Dawn is the exact kind of person you want to spend one of the most special days of your life with. She is incredibly creative and has a such a great eye for unique locations…she is up for any kind of adventure you and your significant other are looking for, and if you don’t know exactly what you want (which was definitely me at the beginning!), she offers tons of different ideas and tips to think about while you are planning your location shots.

Also, Dawn always has another photographer with her (verses an assistant) – so you are getting two extremely qualified photographers to capture your day. Our second photographer was Aaron Ehinger and he was equally amazing and a true additional asset to the day.

I would highly recommend Dawn – she is artistic, passionate, and truly wonderful to work with.


Married on 08/16/2014

Photographer Perfection

Dawn was highly recommended to us from a friend because they worked with her as a photographer for their wedding and the bride’s sister’s wedding as well. We reached out to Dawn and met with her at her studio in Bridgeport. Steven and I continued to feel impressed by the quality of her photos, her interest in getting to know us as a couple, her communication and recommendations, and her vast experience photographing weddings throughout Chicago.
It didn’t take us long to realize that Dawn was the one we wanted to photograph our big day.

We decided to do an engagement photoshoot and we had the best time. I was originally very nervous but Dawn was so complementary and helped make us both feel more comfortable. She has a keen eye for different backdrops, colors, and creative lighting. She also helped coach us through new poses or how to get natural shots. We absolutely loved our photos and it made us so excited about working with Dawn on our wedding day.

Throughout the planning process, Dawn was so helpful and kept all lines of communication open. She chatted with us a few weeks before the wedding to talk out details and help us make important decisions. She offered an alternate rain plan, helped us schedule large family photos, and gave us some recommendations.

On our wedding day in August 2018, Dawn started with myself and the ladies at the Ambassador hotel while Sonce, the second photographer, started with the men at our apartment. We were all reunited for the first look and the photo fun kicked off. Seeing that our wedding was the same weekend as the Air & Water Show, there were additional traffic limitations but they helped create a backup plan when needed. They helped crank out all of our photos, they were a great team, and we all had great time along the way.

After receiving our photos, we are so pleased! We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dawn and would highly recommend her to any friends/ family.

Erin Gschwind Romo

Married on 8/17/2018

Dawn Roscoe is amazing

I have been meaning to write this review for some time, and as we’re approaching the one year anniversary of working with Dawn, I think the time is now! My husband and I hired Dawn for our 12/31/17 wedding, and it was one of the key decisions to our wedding’s success! (You can find my previous review for her after our engagement session somewhere on this Yelp! page, too – it is also a very resounding endorsement.)

In short, I will tell you what I told her when she delivered our wedding photos: “I am so amazed. The angles, the lighting, the expressions you caught are incredible. I am so thrilled and humbled.”

In long, Dawn is an expert professional who will take care of you emotionally and photographically for whatever big day you hire her. If she’s available, hire her. Hire her right now. If you have to, change the date just so you can work with her.

From the first minute, Dawn’s expertise came forward as we – on the first phone call interview – plotted out what our schedule would look like. She even referenced the sunset time, just so she could be sure her estimates were good ones. That amount of detail and care lasted throughout our process, and created for us a sense of ease on what can be a stressful day. She is everywhere, but unobtrusive; she is creative, yet asks for direction and input; she is careful, yet spontaneous. And she is so skilled. Whenever I get compliments on the wedding, the photos are always one of the top two things that people gawk over (we had a live band that rocked, that’s hard to compete with…or else Dawn would be #1 every time). I hopefully will never have to plan another wedding, but if I do, Dawn will be the first call I make.

In our interactions with her post-wedding, she has continued to provide excellent information and service. I never felt pressured to purchase prints or books through her, and she has been consistently active and willing to help when I had questions. Very recently, she re-uploaded my entire gallery when my mother-in-law could not find that “perfect” image.
She addressed a need in very little time and, again, helped to assuage anxiety.

I highly recommend Dawn Roscoe Photography to any/everyone. And if you’re still pondering after reading this (and all the other stellar) review, just call go look at her website or her FB page again. That is mastery right there.


Married on 12/31/2017

Dawn is dedicated to her craft

In my opinion, the wedding photographer is perhaps the most important component of a wedding. There is so much time and energy poured into this one day that it would be silly not to document it well. Also, wedding planning sucks. It’s exhausting. I hated it. So, spare yourself a ton of stress by hiring Dawn.

Dawn is very easy going, which is so refreshing. You don’t want an anxious photographer raising your heart rate all day. But don’t mistake her calm demeanor for indifference. She is dedicated to her craft, and will provide you the highest quality of pics, which is what’s most important. I have some friends that skimped on the photography for their wedding in favor of spending more money elsewhere. Don’t do that!! Do not hire some college student, or someone guaranteeing you great pics for $500, because you’re going to get mediocre results. Maybe you won’t regret it right away, but 5 or 10 years down the line when you’re skimming through that wedding album… 

Our reception was a tricky shoot. In the evening, when the sun was going down, and in a glass conservatory. If we went cheap, the lighting in the pics would have been terrible. But Dawn’s a real pro, and she captured everything beautifully. We are completely thrilled with how our pictures turned out, and it’s just icing on the cake that she was so fun, and easy to work with making our day a lot less stressful.

But rest assured if you happen to be a control freak. Dawn will meet/talk with you as often as it takes to ensure your satisfaction. She gave expert input on any suggestions we had, and offered some great ideas herself. She can even offer advice and/or suggestions on other aspects of your wedding like catering and location because she’s seen and done it all. 

I don’t usually write reviews but I felt compelled to in this case. I highly, highly encourage all future bride and grooms to meet with Dawn! Once you interact with her, and see her portfolio you know you’ve made the right decision!


Married on 10/02/2016

Calm, cool, collected

Dawn and her team are the best! Leading up to the day, day of, post wedding… she’s amazing. People tell us we have some of the most beautiful wedding photos they’ve seen ??

We had a minor hiccup the day of the wedding. Our limo didn’t show up which was supposed to take us, Dawn and her team throughout the city for pre wedding pictures. Dawn and her team handled it like PROS. Calm, cool, collected. Dawn found shots around the hotel when we were Just trying to figure out what to do and the shots are some of our favorites. We actually hopped into an Uber XL mini van and just made it work!! They also had to handle a TON of our family pictures, and again, handled it amazingly. It was like herding cats.


Married on 11/07/2015

The photos captured the spirit of the day

I fell in love with Dawn’s beautifully candid photos when I was searching for a wedding photographer last year and she did not disappoint when she shot our wedding in October 2015!

Aside from her talent, Dawn and her team were the best to work with on our wedding day. They were extremely flexible (helped our niece and nephew join the group picture fun), organized (coordinated a mess of family photos :)) and personable.

Dawn’s photos captured the emotion and spirit of our day perfectly and we couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out. We have had so much trouble putting together a book because it is too hard to pick our favorites!

I would HIGHLY recommend Dawn to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!


Married on 10/17/2015

She was amazing to work with

Dawn shot my wedding in August 2015 and as all of the other reviews mentioned, she was amazing to work with.

Going into planning a wedding is an overwhelming process and we knew right away that finding a great photographer was the most important thing on our list. I stumbled across Dawn on Yelp and the rest is history.

Dawn was wonderful to work with throughout the planning process and had invaluable advice that helped make our wedding pictures exactly what we had envisioned.

We were both so happy with how our photos have come out and I’ve already recommended Dawn to my newly engaged friends 🙂


Married on 08/29/2015

She was patient and helpful

Dawn was such a pleasure to work with! She took our engagement pictures as well as our wedding photos. I had a very specific style of photos I wanted and she took her time to make them come alive! She was so patient & helpful. We were rushing on our wedding day and had a few issues with weather but she was such a fast thinker she still made it all happen! Her pictures are so stunning and speak for themselves. Dawn and her partner really take their time to capture them. I have gotten so many compliments on them! I would highly recommend her!


Married on 08/15/2015

She is so professional while being flexible

I don’t even know where to start with my compliments of Dawn. She is so professional, while being flexible and approachable at the same time. She was willing to give me feedback on potential shoot locations, while understanding the feel that I was looking for with our pictures. I cannot recommend her enough, she is just a lovely person inside and out and that comes through her lens. I’m so excited to get our pictures back because I know that I could have been wearing a potato sack and sat in a basement and Dawn’s pictures would have been gorgeous!


Married on 06/13/2015

Dawn nailed it

Dawn was our wedding photographer, and she also did our engagement shoot. We had met with two other photographers, who were great in their own right, but we immediately “clicked” with Dawn. Her personality put us completely at ease, and her photography style was exactly what we had in mind.

Initially I didn’t even want to do an engagement photo session. I’m not at all photogenic (believe me, that’s not false modesty, but a fact) and I’m not very comfortable posing and having my picture taken. My then-fiance convinced me that having an engagement shoot would be good practice for taking the wedding photos, and would give us an opportunity for Dawn to get to know us better and vice versa, thereby resulting in better photos. As usual, he was 100% correct.

We wanted our engagement photos to not be too “staged,” so we chose to shoot around our neighborhood, where’s there’s unusual backdrops and lots of natural settings. At best, I was hoping for a few photos that I could “live with,” but they all turned out beautiful. I was blown away.

Fast forward to our wedding, and again, Dawn nailed it. The pictures captured all the fun and emotion of a most memorable day. We’ll cherish these photos for the rest of our lives.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I can’t recommend Dawn highly enough.


Married on 10/24/2014

She is extremely down to earth

I hired Dawn as my photographer for both engagement and wedding pictures. I interviewed quite a few photographers, as these pictures were one of the most important aspects for my wedding. I ultimately decided on Dawn based on her professional, friendliness, easy-going personality, and level of skill. She is extremely down to earth and I loved working with her doing both occasions. She had a ton of ideas for pictures, but also let us do our own thing and create our own backdrops. I was a little worried that I would have the cheesy, cookie-cutter images that seem to be everywhere but I found that Dawn’s pictures were very original. I definitely recommend her for any photography needs and would love to work with her again for another occasion.


Married on 09/13/2014

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