Imagine your day like this…….

The focus of your entire day is just the two of you. We go on an epic adventure on your wedding day exploring gorgeous and unique locations to showcase the beauty of your most cherished place and to exchange vows in a private manner. You have a photographer following you the entire way to capture all the intimate and unscripted moments. And experiencing  someone who will be with you every step of the way, collaborating with you on locations and helping you plan your unique wedding day.

“Dawn was able to adapt to our individual needs. Even before the event, she was extremely helpful, welcoming and addressed our questions in a timely fashion. She also asked questions that helped her understand the unique situation she was asked to take photos for such a small wedding. There is so much to say about Dawn, but the best way to really capture the essence of working with her, is to work with her! Dawn was fantastic.” Gabriel S.

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