Today, I’m thrilled to share the whimsical journey of Sam and Lindsey, a couple whose love story began in the digital realm and blossomed into a beautiful engagement amidst the serene backdrop of Lake Michigan. And with  a wedding celebration in Asheville at Yesterday’s Spaces. Even though I only spent a couple of hours photographing their event, I loved every minute of venturing around the gorgeous venue, and celebrating with the couple!

How the Couple Met: In the early days of the pandemic, Sam and Lindsey’s paths crossed on Bumble, and what started as a casual conversation soon evolved into something deeper. They talked for a whole week, navigating through uncertainties and discovering shared interests before finally taking the leap to meet in person.

The Proposal: Fast forward to a picturesque scene in Door County, Wisconsin, where Lindsey’s parents’ cabin stands against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Michigan. It’s here that Sam, filled with nerves and excitement, mustered the courage to pop the question. She of course said, Yes! and they spent the day celebrating with close family and friends.

The Dress: Lindsey’s bridal style perfectly encapsulated her free-spirited essence. For the big day, she opted for a flowy and fun watercolor tie-dye dress from Lulu’s, a choice that reflected her vibrant personality and the whimsical spirit of their celebration.

The Wedding Celebration: Yesterday’s Spaces in Asheville served as the enchanting backdrop for Sam and Lindsey’s wedding festivities. The wedding venue is full of rustic charm and timeless elegance, providing the perfect place for their wedding celebration. The couple had already decided to officially marry at city court earlier in the year, and this was a time for them to spend with all their out of state friends and family.

I had such a blast photographing Lindsey and Sam’s wedding celebration and spending time with their hilarious friends! And, photographing in such a beautiful Asheville location was a lovely way to spend a gorgeous day!

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