The best Chicago spots for wedding getting ready photos include so many beautiful venues, hotels and B&B’s! Getting ready and first look photos are super important in creating the narrative of your wedding day! Getting ready photos include wedding dress and accessory detail shots, candids of your family and friends and makeup preparation. And most importantly, your family and friends helping you dress for your wedding. On most wedding days, I arrive a bit early to shoot the wedding dress and the bride’s accessories in some fun locations around the hotel, and the rest of the time is very  spontaneous.

The getting ready portion of the day is one of my favorites! It’s a great time to capture some more relaxed, candid moments of your friends and family before the rest of the day begins. My suggestion to all my brides’ is always pick a hotel or a place that has beautiful light, spacious rooms and a quiet place if you want to do a first look. Chicago is full of fantastic hotels and venues for the morning of your wedding, so you can relax and get ready for your big day in a comfortable setting. The following are images from my favorite places in Chicago which hopefully, will give you some ideas for locations to begin your wedding day.

The Drake, Chicago, IL

The above image was taken in one of the best hotel rooms in the city, The Princess Diana room. Gorgeous decor, lovely light and incredibly spacious.

Salvage One

If you are having your wedding at Salvage One, one of the many eclectic and vintage rooms of the venue is fantastic for getting ready photos. In fact, the whole entire venue is a photographer’s dream for getting ready photos for both brides and grooms along with wedding party pictures and everything else! One of the best spots in Chicago.

Silversmith Hotel, Chicago, IL

More of a boutique hotel, the Silversmith is one of my favorites because of the funky decor. The Silversmith also has some eclectic backdrops in the lobby, hallways and rooms that are fantastic for pictures.

The Wit, Chicago, IL

The Wit Chicago’s greatest attraction is the rooftop deck! The above image was taken during a heartfelt first look and later, the cocktails were held on the deck as well. It was a gorgeous spot for photography and for the couple!

The Whitewall Hotel

Off of the bridal suite at The Whitewall, is a scenic deck which overlooks the city. I had the bride and her bridesmaids step out to the deck to do the finishing touches on the dress. I love the architectural backdrop and lovely outside light from this hotel.

JW Marriot, Chicago, IL

The JW had an extraordinary balcony for a first look along with clean, modern rooms with tons of light. And the lobby has a gorgeous art decor floor which is perfect for pics!

Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago, IL

The Intercontinental Hotel on Michigan Avenue is perfectly located for a wonderful first look by the Chicago River and walking distance to many quintessential Chicago landmarks. And the rooms get lovely light! I grabbed a quick bridal portrait from the side room in the bridal suite where the light was gorgeous.