Couple: Gina and Fred
Venue: Chicago Backyard Wedding
Style: Hawaiian, casual

How you both met: I (Gina) went to a birthday party with an acquaintance, neither of us knew the guest of honor at the time and she was meeting a guest at the party. Soon after we arrived, I was introduced to a table of 3 and left on my own. Fred was one of the people at that table. After the initial pleasantries, I excused myself to go get something to drink. Fred jumped up and said, “I’ll come too!”The rest is history.

Your proposal: I was running some errands during the day and I came home, it was cleaned, candles lit, music going and Fred was wearing a suit. Anyone who knows Fred knows that he hates wearing suits. My trip home was pretty long so I flew into the house and straight to the restroom. I just remember being like what’s happening? Why are you dressed like that? Where are you going? Then I came out he was coming in from the front porch all nervous and he got down on one knee and proposed.

The dress: Because of the pandemic and our decision to have a Chicago backyard wedding all of the planning was condensed to 2 months including the dress. I ordered a dress online because many stores were not even open. The dress was ok, my sister urged me to keep looking but I knew that I at least had a backup. I came across a lady who made these beautiful dresses and when I reached out to her she said that she retired and was no longer in business. But, she was willing to sell a dress from her private collection of the ones that she kept. She was so talented and happy to help. When I tried the dress on my mom and sister were like “That’s the one!”




Preparation, Ceremony and Reception: Bride’s sister’s house
Caterer: Gyro’s Express
Wedding Dress Designer: Alice Padrul
Make-up: Gina Giordano
Hair: Val Faretta