Couple: Roopa and Kant
Wedding Venue: Chicago Illuminating Company
Style: Traditional Indian Wedding inside a modern and industrial space.

How you both met: Met through a friend at a political campaign fundraiser. Reconnected 2 years later because he thought he saw me at a restaurant and emailed to find out if it was me. Turns out it wasn’t but we decided to meet up for lunch and the rest is history.

Your proposal: Happened when we went skiing with another couple in his home state of Colorado (Breckenridge). He proposed after a fun day of exploring the town.

Style/Inspiration for your wedding: Contemporary/modern with touches of Indian influence.

Details that mattered to you: Innovative food, elegant design, and an enjoyable experience for the guests.

What you love about your dress: I love that it was the first dress I tried on and though I tried on at least 5 others I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I love that it’s a great balance between classic and contemporary and I love the colors.

Preparation, Ceremony and Reception: Chicago Illuminating Company
Florist: Kehoe
Caterer and Cake: Food for Thought
Makeup/Hair: Makeup by Rosie, Jackie Jenkins from Salon Buzz
DJ: Roberto Monastero

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