Couple: Natalie and Daniel
Venue: Chicago Viceroy Hotel Wedding
Style: Fall enchanted forest!

How you both met: We met on the most cheesy dating app possible, Tinder (head held down in ironic shame). Both looking for the farthest thing from serious possible. But the universe tends to enjoy turning life upside down apparently, ha! Between the two of us, we canceled on one another 3 times. Me doing it the 3rd time to have a Valentines sushi date with my best friend who was leaving the state.

Finally, we both agree to meet for a late dinner on February 9th. Six hours into it we realized neither of us order anything to eat and damn it we found our lobsters. He moved in with me five months later and here we are.

Your proposal: The first time was two weeks after we meet. We had spent almost everyday together since our first date and out of nowhere while cuddling at home he looked at me very seriously and blurted out “I’m in love with you and I’m going to marry you”. I was speechless and shocked, completely caught off guard. I laughed and said I felt the same way. The next day he told me his lease was up in five months and would I want to live together.

Two years later on 12/9 Dan planned a romantic evening to ask me properly. I came home from work, walked into the kitchen to put my handbag and coat down expecting to complain about work a bit then go to dinner. I turned around with my mouth half open ready to start when I looked down and Dan was on one knee with a little box and a face that said I can not wait a single second longer. He blurted out “Natalie, I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait another minute. I know this is the last place you want to remember this happening and I swear I had something way better planned. But when I saw you walk in tonight I knew I couldn’t wait to ask you to be my wife even a second longer.”

I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Style/Inspiration for your wedding: English country wedding with a sleeping beauty enchanted forest twist.

What you love about your dress: Everything!! From the silk to the gold and silver threading it was my ultimate dream! The details on the trimming were my my favorite detail, it reminded me of my Nana’s favorite flower, bird of paradise. The diamond shaped wrapping around the hips was also something I fell in love with, it was like a glove when I tried it on.




Second shooter: Sonce Landa
Bride Preparation, Ceremony and Reception: The Viceroy Hotel
Wedding Planner: Kate Lerman at Chicago Vintage Weddings
Makeup/Hair: City Lights Makeup
Wedding Dress: Stephen Yearick
DJ: Toast and Jam-Jess
Mariachi Band: Mariachi Ameca
Vintage Rentals: Nimble Well, Festive Frog and Chicago Vintage Weddings
Cake: Viceroy Hotel
Florist: Anemone Creative
Caterer: The Viceroy Hotel/Boka Catering
Shoes:Jimmy Choo
Hair Jewelry: Victoria Percivil, Elodie crown
Jewelry: Family Heirloom, Nana’s earrings; Diamonds and Emeralds / Wedding ring; by Miranda Jewelry in Scottsdale AZ (he is my cousin, Alex Miranda), Wedding band; David Yurman

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