Couple: Vanessa and Tome
Venue: Summer Floating World Gallery Wedding
Style/inspiration: Modern and clean

How you both met: We met at a party in 2009.

Your proposal: He asked me if we should get a hot water heater or an engagement ring in December 2014. We picked a day (3/14/15 the extended pi day) and planned our day. Then, we had a bottle of Dom at 9:26am (more extended pi day). We had brunch, then got Bloody Mary’s, then came back home to tell our families. After that, we had dinner at the Lyric Opera and then saw Tosca. Then we went to the Aviary (super expensive but fantastic cocktails).

Style/Inspiration for your wedding: Modern and clean. I don’t have a color theme, there are a lot of neutrals, blushes, and golds. My dress and florals are more on the elegant/vintage side.

Details that mattered to you: Just staying clean and modern in general. My accessories (jewelry, shoes). Ensuring that people had fun good food and booze. Music to flow with the night, versus doing random songs because of events.

What you love about your dress: Elegant and I look good in it. LOL! The beading details.


Second shooter: Sonce Landa
Preparation: Couple’s home in Lakeview
Ceremony: St. Andrew’s Church
Reception: Floating World Gallery
Florist: Anemone Creative
Wedding Planner: Lisa Wandel, Liven It Up Events
Cake: Alex the Groomsman
Wedding Dress Designer: Casablanca
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Makeup/Hair: Ann LaCorte, Sophie DeFrancesca (Makeup) and Jayme Golden (Hair)
DJ/Band: Margot Rudy
Jewelry: Kate Spade, Indian jewelry from groom’s relatives
Shoes: Nine West

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