Couple: Nanne and Wesley
Wedding Theme: Foodie and music themed wedding at Point Lookout Vineyards.

How did you meet? We met at a music festival in Atlanta. Wesley lived around the corner from my friend I was visiting and I didn’t know anyone at our pre-game. Wesley came up and introduced himself to me immediately. I loved his kind eyes. We basically were the group’s Mom and Dad for the whole day. He got my number and we planned our first trip two weekends later because we were long distance.

Your proposal: We relived our first date weekend in Helen, GA. Then, we went on a hike, checked into a beautiful hotel, and went to Frogtown Vineyard where he proposed at a beautiful gazebo overlooking the grapevines. Only fitting that we are getting married at a vineyard!

Inspiration for your wedding: Whimsical, boho but muted, classic with 1920’s vibes and alot of pretty colorful fall floral, gold accents.

Details that matter to you: The beer, food and band were most important to us. For our wedding, we wanted a great seated meal because it helps keep the night going along. Also, we wanted good local craft beer. The beer is from Charlotte, Asheville, and Atlanta; our triangle of favorite places and homes. And, the band is an upbeat and fun group. They love mashups. Seem high energy and love crowd work. Both of us LOVE to dance!!

What you love about your dress: It’s so comfortable. The dress is all lace which I knew I wanted and it has WINGS!  Wesley has a nickname, “Flyin Wes” because when he dances he will wave his arms around and my dress completely goes with that. The dress has a very feminine love V front and back and did I mention it was comfy? Because I feel like myself in it. It’s boho, whimsical and has a1920’s feeling. My shoes are my new favorite too.

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Preparation: Double Tree Biltmore, Asheville NC
Ceremony and Reception: Point Lookout Vineyards
Florist: Luxe Wedding Designs
Wedding Dress: Bel Fiore Lillian West
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids- Jenny Yoo designers
Wedding Planner: Elana Huggins, Luxe Wedding Planners
Cake: Julia Holley, Friend
Makeup/Hair: Bella Bridal
DJ/Band: Crocodile Smile
Jewelry: My great grandmother’s
Shoes: Anthropologie