Couple: Becca and Osvaldo
Venue: Salvatore’s Restaurant
Style: Classic elegance and celebration of family!

How you both met: (From the groom) During the winter, I was picking up a co-worker from his home and I see this girl coming from the other side of the street, I was amazed when I saw her. After that, I didn’t see her again for awhile. One summer day, I was at a picnic at the park and once again we came across each other at a kiosk. Then, she happened to make a comment to the vendor, which caught my attention and I said the comment right back to her. Her reaction was priceless.

Two days later, I was working at a kiosk at a festival in the same park, when out of nowhere I looked up and there she was walking by. I immediately approached her. Not letting her get away this time!!! So once I had her attention and spoke for a bit, we decided to exchange numbers. During one of our conversations I decided to ask her “where did she live”? When she told me I freaked out because it was the girl I saw in the winter. I was ecstatic!!!! How lucky was I!!! Ever since then, we have been together.

Your proposal: (From the groom) Our anniversary as a couple is June 30th and my birthday (Osvaldo) is June 27th. So, I decided to have a birthday BBQ that weekend and invited some family and friends as well as Rebecca’s friends too (she found it awkward that I invited her friends). Everyone decided it was time to sing happy birthday. Afterwards, I start thanking all for being present to celebrate with me. Then, I proceed to call Rebecca over and as she gets closer I took a knee and hit her with the question (I had a knot in my throat). She gladly (and crying) said of course. It was a day to remember. I know I will…

Style/Inspiration for your wedding: Classic Elegance. We want our wedding to be intimate and classic; something that would stand the test of time just as our marriage will.

Details that mattered to you: (From the bride) My mom made all the stained glass flower place holders by hand. They’re all a little different and unique. Also, the centerpieces on the table also were well thought out, from the flowers to the candles. The groom made an awesome guestbook with the beautiful photos from our engagement shoot.

What you love about your dress: I originally never had this dress in mind with all the lace and off the shoulder sleeves. However, the moment I put it on, I knew it was the one. It has a beautiful shimmer too it from the well placed bead-work and the buttons all down the back. It embodies the essence of what I wanted; elegant and timeless.


Bride Preparation: The Omni Chicago Hotel
Groom Preparation: Couple’s Home
Ceremony: St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church
Reception: Salvatore’s
Florist: Northlake Flowers
Cake: Oak Mill Bakery
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dress: David’s Bridal
DJ: DJ Gil
Makeup: Nika Vaughn Bridal Artists
Jewelry: Borrowed

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