Couple: Lisa and Froy
Wedding Venue: Chief O’Neills
Style: Traditional church wedding with an outdoor, garden reception complete with Mariachi Band!

How you both met: Froylan and Lisa first connected on the online dating website, They communicated over a few weeks while Lisa was in the process of moving to Chicago, and when she finally arrived on July 3, they agreed to finally meet in person 2 days later. On July 5, 2016, Froylan met Lisa at Meli Cafe, a cute breakfast spot in the Greektown neighborhood of Chicago, near where Lisa was staying. Froylan arrived early and grabbed a table by the window.

When Lisa arrived and saw Froylan, she was unable to catch her breath, a first for her. Froylan, sensing she was nervous, reached across the table and grabbed her hand saying, “Don’t be nervous!”. They chatted over breakfast and at one point, Froylan presented Lisa with a pair of earrings. They were green to match the color of both of their eyes! After breakfast, Froylan asked Lisa if he could walk her to work at Willis Tower, just a few blocks away. Lisa happily agreed and he grabbed her hand as they left the cafe.

At one point on the walk, the two were about to cross over the Chicago River, and Froylan pulled Lisa over to a spot by the bridge. He asked her, “Hey, did you see any fireworks last night?” since July 4th was the previous day. Lisa, who went to bed early the night before, responded that, sadly, she had not seen any fireworks the night before. Froylan, then asked, “Would you like to see some now?” as he leaned in and kissed Lisa.

Froylan walked Lisa the rest of the way to work where they took a quick selfie together to capture the moment. Froylan was leaving for a month-long visit to Mexico the next day and he wanted a keepsake from the date. Lisa promptly went into work where she gushed to her coworkers about the AMAZING first date she had just had. They kept in touch and Lisa picked up Froy from the airport a month later when he returned from Mexico…and the rest, they say, is history…

Your proposal: Froylan proposed to Lisa on their one year anniversary July 5, 2017 at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Style/Inspiration for your wedding: My style is laid back, relaxed, loose and flowey garden-style details and accents.

Details that mattered to you: My dress – I wanted to remain traditional while still feeling beautiful. My flowers – I wanted them to be a statement piece while still fitting into the garden theme of the reception.

What you love about your dress: The details on the back of the dress and the lace – they are sexy, yet still traditional.

Are there any surprises that we should be aware of? My autistic nephew might be performing a song for us on his ukulele at the reception.


Second shooter: Sonce Landa
Bride’s Preparation: The Palmer Hotel
Ceremony: St. Procopius
Reception: Chief O’Neills
Florist: Pollen
Wedding Dress Designer: Morilee
Bridesmaid Dresses: Assorted designers – individual bridesmaid choice
Makeup/Hair: Bride Hair and Makeup-Missy Modarelli, Bridesmaids-Blushing Bride Hair and Makeup
DJ/Band: DJ John San Juan, Band-Mariachi Perla de Mexico
Jewelry: Rings-Helzberg Diamonds, Bracelet-Marchesa, Earrings-BHLDN
Shoes: Talaria Flats

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