Couple: Erin and Steve
Venue: Ignite Glass Studio Wedding
Style: Vintage and rustic party at art studio in Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago

How you both met: We met through Erin’s cousin, Andrew, when we were both in our teens. While we both secretly had a crush on each other, we never made any moves. When Andrew got married in 2011, the DJ asked the entire bridal party to come onto the dance floor. He suggested that everyone from the bridal party go out into the crowd and select one person to bring onto the dance floor to get the party started. Steven figured if he was ever going to make a move, he might as well do it in front of hundreds of people. Steven finally found Erin allllllll the way in the back of the venue. He asked her to come onto the dance floor and she said yes. As we got back onto the dance floor, the DJ played “Love Shack” and the rest is history!

Your proposal (from the groom): I proposed to Erin on September 15, 2017 in our apartment. The night I actually proposed, we were getting ready to go out to dinner and before we left, I asked her if I could play a video for her. She replied, “Is it one of those dumb online videos?” I laughed and said, “No- I hope not”. The previous week, I had her two cousins and our mutual friend help me film some scenes of me at different locations that were important to us.

At the four locations, I held up four signs (1.Will 2. You 3. Marry 4. Me?) and integrated them into a video that had a bunch of different memories of the two of us. As the video finally ends, she’s crying and I had the ring hidden underneath the couch. I had her stand, I got on one knee and asked her. She said yes!

Style/Inspiration for your wedding: Our style for the wedding is a garden/natural feel.

Details that mattered to you: The details that mattered to us most were making sure that whatever we planned, we stayed true to who we are and centered everything around our family and friends having the best time possible.


Second Shooter: Sonce Landa
Bride’s Preparation: Hotel Ambassador
Groom’s Preparation: Couple’s Home
Ceremony: St. Benedict’s Church
Reception: Ignite Glass Studios
Caterer: Cocina Fusion
Florist: Stella Gray Floral
Wedding Planner: An Event Less Ordinary
Cake: Sweet Mandy B’s
Makeup: Tricia Clarke Makeup
DJ: Kate Porter, Toast and Jam
Jewelry: Family heirlooms

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