Couple: Selena and Jeff
Venue: Tinley Park Wedding at Odyssey Golf Club
Style: Big wedding celebration with family and friends

Selena and Jeff were married in Mexico in the summer and wanted to have a big celebration here in Chicago with all their family and friends. So, they decided to have a huge Tinley Park wedding reception at the Odyssey, a great location for all their guests to join in the celebration. One of my favorite parts of the day was the couple getting ready together at a nearby hotel. I really love when the couple gets ready together! They both help each other get dressed in their beautiful wedding attire. It’s an intimate part of the day, and it gives me quiet time with the couple before the mayhem begins!

Then, it was just the three of us driving around Tinley Park to all the great Forest Preserves for our couple session. Afterwards, we headed to the venue for an all-out celebration with the couple’s Chicago-based crew. The dancing was pretty crazy all night! And, it was one of biggest celebrations I have photographed in awhile. Congrats for the second time to the couple and thanks for making me laugh the entire day!

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