Couple: Missy and Michael
Venue: A Bristol Restaurant Wedding
Style/Inspiration: Intimate, foodie driven celebration!

How you both met: We were both managers at the same Kohls store! Mike was shy and super focused and I spent almost a year trying to have a conversation with him!! One day I mentioned the Bears game I watched and we have been chatting ever since.

Your proposal: Let’s see…. On a lovely summer evening walk… We decided life had finally aligned and we wanted to get married! No formal proposal, just a good conversation!

Style/Inspiration for your wedding: Family focused, warm and inviting! Great food and conversation! Lots of family involved in the intimate ceremony. My step father is ordained and will be performing the ceremony, one of my brothers is performing a ring warming ceremony at the start and my other brother selected the music for the evening. I also have 2 good friends from Trader Joe’s helping with the set up. One creating art on the restaurants wall mounted chalkboard and the other playing violin. We want the environment to be relaxed, easy going and not over planned!

Details that mattered to you: We were more focused on good food and time with family, but we are working in some pieces from our home in the décor, pictures and a favorite quote on the restaurants wall mounted chalkboard.

What you love about your dress: It is simple and timeless. I wanted something that made me feel beautiful but was not overstated.


Bride Preparation: Silversmith Hotel
Ceremony and Reception: The Bristol
Florist: Trader Joe’s
Wedding Dress Designer: Enzoani
Makeup/Hair: My dear friend Kelly Lomas
Jewelry: My mom’s pearls and an antique watch that she gave me for my 30th birthday
Shoes: Menbur

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