Couple: Tin and Adrian
Venue: Catalyst Ranch Wedding
Style/Inspiration: Disney!

How you both met: Grade school during confirmation.

Your proposal: At home in the living room.

Details that mattered to you: The recent passing of the Bride’s Grandmother. We really wanted her to be there. And music, food, and family.

Style/Inspiration: For our Catalyst Ranch Wedding we wanted anything Disney and Mickey Mouse!

Are there any surprises that we should be aware of? The Groom will be singing a song for the Bride.

Photographer Notes: Tin and Adrian got married at traditional church in Chicago, and wanted a very non-traditional celebration! I met the couple at a nearby hotel and we traveled all over the Fulton Market neighborhood for pictures. We visited wall murals, viaducts, bridges and an actual toy company for some really outrageous pics. Afterwards, it was on to Catalyst Ranch for some dancing, singing and the dollar dance! Thanks to the couple for such a truly outrageous and fun day!


Second Shooter: Sonce Landa
Reception: Catalyst Ranch
Caterer: Jordan’s
Cake: Jordan’s
Florist: DIY paper flowers by Bride

*Photographer Note: My team and I only photographed pictures around Chicago and the reception at Catalyst Ranch due to church ceremony restrictions.*

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