Couple: Sara and Dan
Venue: Morton Arboretum Engagement
Inspiration: The Fall season and the outdoors!

Photographer Notes: When I arrived  for this Morton Arboretum Engagement in Lisle, Illinois last Fall, I was amazed of how unbelievably saturated all the Fall colors were within the grounds. Sara and Dan live very near the Arboretum and wanted their engagement session to be all about Fall colors. We all arrived about two hours before sunset and really had the whole place to ourselves. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to walk around the Morton Arboretum with all the beautiful foilage, and have it be so quiet.

The weather was overcast with misty rain, which only gave all the Fall leaves lovely diffused light throughout our session. We went into the woods and really discovered some scenic locations. One of the reasons I love this place so much is because it has vast prairies and forests, with well marked trails. Also, the variety of colors was endless and we had such a wonderful time photographing everywhere. I couldn’t take a bad picture! In the end, the session was one of the most colorful sessions I have ever photographed. Thanks so much to Sara and Dan for venturing into the mud with me! And looking forward to your wedding later this year!!

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