Couple: Caitlyn and Zach
Venue: Salvage One
Style: Vintage,  romantic, and lots of fun!

How you met: Zach and Caitlyn both joined the same business fraternity at Indiana University. Through Zach’s pledge semester they didn’t interact in any memorable way. At the end of Zach’s pledge semester there was banquet at Rawhide, a rustic party venue in southern Indiana. At some point during the night, Caitlyn was lying outside on a picnic bench and staring up at the sky, visibly upset. Zach was worried about her, and wanted to check on her to make sure she was okay. He was also very nervous because she had never introduced herself to Zach. However, it occurred to him that he had never introduced himself to her either, so he went up to her and, with no pauses and said, “Hi, I’m Zach. What’s wrong?” He was so proud that he had the courage to ask her that he couldn’t remember what was actually wrong with her.

After that, their next interaction wasn’t until months later but then they became acquaintances that turned into drinking buddies/friends. And eventually evolved into best friends.

Your proposal: Earlier in the year, Zach had come up with a game called “Fishing Game”. The game was simple: 20 laminated fish with magnets attached and messages/commands written on them and a child’s fishing pole with another magnet attached to the line. A friend of ours has a 4 story house with a circular stairwell that all has a clear line of vision from the top of the fourth flight of stairs to the bottom floor. The fish are placed on the bottom floor and the rod is cast form the top floor. Also, the goal is to a reel up a fish and follow the instructions written on the fish. This was basically a homemade drinking game that Zach was(is) very proud of.

This game was often used to “get parties and social gathering going”. Zach and Catie are really involved with their friends and Zach wanted to do the proposal in front of all their friends. Zach had each of his friends write a nice note on each fish and then tied all of the fish together. Also, Zach told all of their friends that he was going to propose and invited them all over/in town. Zach proposed using the fish game by tying the ring to the end of the line of fish.



Second shooter: Sonce Landa
Bride Preparation: The Publishing House B&B
Groom’s Preparation: Couple’s Home
Ceremony and Reception: Salvage One
Videography: With Love Productions
Wedding Planner: Sarah Kathleen Events
Florist: Celidan Creations
Cake: Molly’s Cupcakes
Catering: Hearty Boys
Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York
Makeup/Hair: Makeup: Windy City Glam
Shoes: Sam Edelman


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